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Gold Sponsor Package

Position your brand as a prominent supporter of our mission with our prestigious Gold Sponsor Package. By choosing Gold Sponsorship, you'll receive exclusive recognition and benefits that elevate your brand's visibility and impact at our events.


Key Benefits:

  • Recognition in Event Marketing Materials: Your brand will be prominently recognized as a Gold Sponsor in our event marketing materials, ensuring widespread visibility and exposure. From promotional flyers to social media posts, your support will be acknowledged across various channels, reaching our diverse audience.

  • Logo Display on Event Banners and Signage: Showcase your brand prominently on event banners and signage as a Gold Sponsor. Your logo will be prominently featured in key event areas, capturing the attention of attendees and reinforcing your commitment to our cause.

  • Verbal Acknowledgment During Events: Experience the prestige of being verbally acknowledged as a Gold Sponsor during our events. Our team will publicly recognize your contribution, underscoring your dedication to empowering our community and fostering positive change.

  • Half-Page Advertisement in Event Program Booklet: Make a statement with a half-page advertisement in our event program booklet. This prime advertising space allows you to showcase your brand's message and offerings to our engaged audience, further enhancing your brand visibility and impact.


Why Choose Gold Sponsorship?

  • Prominent Brand Exposure: With recognition across event marketing materials and signage, your brand will enjoy prominent exposure and visibility.
  • Public Acknowledgment: Being verbally acknowledged as a Gold Sponsor during events demonstrates your commitment and leadership in supporting our mission.
  • Targeted Advertising Opportunity: The half-page advertisement in our event program booklet provides a targeted platform to communicate your message directly to event attendees, maximizing your brand's impact.


Join us as a Gold Sponsor and make a meaningful difference in our community!

Gold Sponsor

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